Mystery Shopper scam

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If it sounds to good to be true IT USUALLY IS.
That’s the first rule in avoiding a scam.

The first clue was that it was in an envelope post marked from one place but with a different address.

The next clue was that I had no idea who it came from.

The third clue came when I opened it up; inside was a letter and a Cashiers Check for over amount of $3900.00
 Which had a different name than the letter head of the note.
 The note said that I had been selected to be a Mystery Shopper and to follow the directions given.

The note sounded good and the extra cash could really be used.
 Spend money and Get Payed for doing so. Now isn’t that everyone’s dream.
At first it’s like Wow I’m going to be a Mystery Shopper.
Then it sinks in that it’s just a scam.
If it sounds to go to be true it usually is a scam or con.

The forth clue was that they not only wanted me to cash the check, spend some money at local stores,
They wanted me to wire them the remaining cash using Western Union money transfer.

What a scam not to get caught up in.

IF you cash the check and it’s a bad check then you loose your money.


Never cash a check unless you know where it came from and that it’s a good standing check or you can be held liable.


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