How to Make Money Online Selling Crafts

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There are many opportunities to earn money online selling your crafts. To get noticed amoung the many creative types online it takes a bit of work, but will only cost you the time you invest and it’s worth it!

Here are some suggestions to help you have a presence on the web and make sales.

Create a Business logo…something simple and eye catching that relates to your product or site name.

Build a website to feature your items and keep your crafts in mind when registering a domain or creating a url address on a free web hosting service. Have very clear photos posted of your product and easy to read text with a background that compliments and yet does not over power your product. List your prices and payment method and contact info. You can join a few sites like to bring traffic to your site and add their banner to create even more. Do not over populate your page with link exchanges – you don’t have to with the many free traffic submission services, social and blogging groups out there offering free promotion. Starting a blog using the same site name will draw people to crafts that have common interests and will be more likely to make purchases.

Now take that same name and use it as your sreen name and account ID on any web traffic source you use. For example in your company name was “scented soaps” you would use that as your Twitter or screen names or logins and add your url to your profile on every site. What will happen is that after you join sites like Digg and add your link…you will gain a higher google/yahoo search engine ranking. After about a month type in “scented soaps” and look at how easily you can be discovered. 

Now that you have a name market yourself on additional sites that have a large amount of crafter and offer store fronts like and Ebay. Have plenty of phots for free classified sites like Craigslist. There are many free photo storage sites that allow you to create slide shows which give people access to all of you work in a matter of a minutes. The following links will provide you with resources to help make your crafting experience both profitable and fun.  an online guide to art and crafts on the internet – they have free listings  The largest directory of arts and craft related web sites

http://www.freepatternsite.comA FREEcraft pattern directory with an open resource philosophy  Directory of Sites with FreeCraft related designs CraftsiteDirectory promoting crafters and online craft shops  FREE Arts and CraftsDirectory    A free online auction of arts, crafts, photography and more.

Sites that you can sell on  A free online auction of arts, crafts, photography and more. huge database of crafters some fees great auction site – some fees sell art and photos online


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