Ex Boyfriend Revenge

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 Are you a scorned lover and you want to get revenge on your ex boyfriend? Well, I hear you ladies and I’ve come up with 5 great things that you can do to get back at him for breaking your heart. I have to warn you that these ideas are not for the faint of heart and only one that I really and truly recommend but just for kicks, I’ll tell you all of them. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

1. Tell everyone within his social circle that a certain part of his anatomy does not measure up and that he is not such a hot boyfriend at all. Cleverly discuss his inability to commit to a goood woman.

2. Call your ex’s mother and explain just how he wronged you and how you blame her for raising such a goofball. Tell her of all his faults, especially not knowing how to treat a good woman.

3. Go to you local grocery store by a very large fish, leave the fish outside for a couple of days until it decays and then gather all of his past belongings and put them in a box. Then take said dead fish and place it on top of his items and remove the fish before giving him the items so that he his items smell fishy but he will have no idea why.

 4.Buy a can of hair remover and place it into a brand new hat and send it to him special delivery. Once he puts it on, he will have a bunch of fuzzy little presents that will collect upon his shower drain.

5. Find a new man. Someone who cherish, love and respect you. Then, give him all the love that you have to give and totally forget about your ex boyfriend. Not only will this make him feel inferior but it will also demonstrate that you have in fact moved on with  your life and that you really couldn’t care less about him.

Well, that’s it. Pretty good ideas, right? Well, I can honestly only recommend idea 5. The rest are a bit out there and plus they’re a bit too good to waste on anybody crazy enough to leave a good woman like you. Instead, my best advice is to forget about him and find someone worthy. Someone who will love and cherish and treat you like you need to be treated which is the best revenge of all. Good luck!


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