Cheating Boyfriend Test

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Is he cheating on me? I think he is, but how can I be certain? This cheating boyfriend test will help you notice the telltale signs of a cheater.

Step One. Suddenly you notice that your boyfriend is acting differently than he normally does. Maybe he’s more concerned with his appearance, maybe he’s being more loving towards you, acting somewhat guilty, or being aloof with you. It could be anything, but he definitely is not being himself. Perhaps he’s wearing a new style of clothing or he is doing his hair different. Maybe he has sudden new interests such as a certain type of T.V. show he never had interest in before. Is he suddenly spending more time getting ready for work in the morning? This may be the first sign of a cheater.

Step Two. Your gut feeling tells you he is cheating. The biggest cheating boyfriend test in the world for any woman is to go with her gut feeling. Even most psychologists will tell you to always follow your instincts because they are usually always right. Especially for women because they are more instinctual than men.

Step Three. Does your boyfriend suddenly have new friends in his life that he’s hanging out with all the time? Or going on business trips, or telling you he’s going out with his buddies and he never invites you? Something isn’t right if this is the case. Your boyfriend should at least invite you to go along. If he doesn’t invite you he is probably doing something you wouldn’t like, or doesn’t want anyone to see you with him – or he is cheating.

Step Four. Your boyfriend starts getting angry with you and accuses you of cheating! He feels guilty about what he’s doing to you so he wants to make excuses for himself so that he doesn’t feel that guilt anymore. Out of nowhere, he brings up that time where when you first met you were flirting with one of his friends. He makes you feel like he doesn’t make you happy.

Step Five. The biggest clue in the cheating boyfriend test is when you see phone numbers you don’t recognize on his cell phone or he is suspiciously text messaging somebody all the time and you don’t know who it is, or you see that it’s from a woman he claims is just one of his friends. Why would he be talking to her so much? A respectful woman-friend would respect the fact that he is with his girlfriend and would back off a little. So to be 100% sure your boyfriend is cheating, the evidence usually lies within his cell phone, because he needs to talk to the other woman (or women) somehow. So sneak his cell if you can, and look at his sent folder of his text messages, or the suspicious looking numbers saved on his phone. However, you shouldn’t have to go that far. You should know your boyfriend is more than likely cheating if any of these steps in the boyfriend cheating test are true of your boy. If he is acting suspiciously, there is a problem and you should confront him about it.


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