Techno Magic

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Whence the time of magic,
the time of song and spell.
Whence the dragons, demons,
where do wizards dwell.
Technomagic in their place,
pushed them off the earth.
Man’s disbelief has edged them out,
creating a deadly dearth.
Mystic secrets, lost to time,
and yet, there’s scrolls to be read.
Glimpses of another, lost age,
their authors old and dead.
Senseless to pursue them,
secrets hidden in lost time.
Another magic is the law,
one of reason, not of rhyme.
Druid, Mayan, Priest of Pan,
whence your gods today.
Sleeping and waiting comes a reply,
awaiting another day.
Technology, he is suicidal,
his age will surely pass.
The ancient laws will ring true,
their force unleashed at last.
Will i live to know this
as the man i am now.
Will i have to die again,
then come back to ground.
Ancient graves are silent,
to this they’ve no reply.
They will share some secrets,
but not if i will die.
All is subject to rebirth,
kin to the magic we had.
Fear thee not the specter death,
rejoice, instead be glad.
Swollen clouds of poison,
the mushrooms angry spite,
will usher in our rebirth,
herald a new light.
Memories lost return anew,
the circle is complete.
Ending and beginning,
where mind and magic meet.

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