How to Improve Your Prayer Time

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Step 1


Nicholas Lochoff (d.1948) after Fra Angelico (Florentine, 1400?-1455) ST. PETER MARTYR ENJOINING SILENCE Start with a quiet place. It is easier to listen to the Almighty when distractions are reduced. Turn off radios, iPods, televisions, etc., so that you can focus your attention. For some, praying early in the morning or late at night reduces distraction. For those who travel frequently, an airplane, with the white noise of the engines provides solitude in a crowd.

Step 2


Quiet your heart, mind, and soul. A quiet place helps, but quiet “you” makes all of the difference. By reducing the “noise” of ourselves, we can hear the voice of the One who calls us to prayer.

Someone once asked Mother Theresa what she did when she prayed, and she remarked that she just listened. The questioner followed up with “What if God doesn’t talk?” She answered, “Then I just enjoy His company.”



Be prepared for distraction. Very few people can sit in both physical and mental silence for more than a few seconds. When that stray thought about dinner pops into your head, acknowledge that it happened, but get back praying. It takes time and patience, so never give up! The more that you practice focusing your heart, mind and soul, the longer you will be able to do it without interruption.


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