Do You Want To Find New Music If So Myspace Maybe The Place To Look

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So the first step to finding music on myspace its to go to

once your there click the music tab on top of the page then click top artists and then click directory.

This will give you every artisit that has a myspace you can also click the type of music you want or search for a band.

Now if your really bored you can start going threw page by page to see whose music you like. This is a great way to find a new band but there is like 16,929 pages so you might be there for awhile.

Now as for me I have 147 Bands on my friends list some of my favorite ones are:

1. The Love Willows

2. Jamestown Story

3. Bethany Dick

4. Camera Cant Lie

Thanks for viewing I hope you have a great time finding new music.


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