Enjoy Happy Hour

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Nap time also known as Happy Hour.

I’m not talking about sitting at a bar having your favorite drink
but more about the time you have for yourself while your kid or kids are taking there daily nap.
If you have children then you know exactualy what I’m talking about.

This is a persons Happy Hour, the time that you can do what you want around the house with no kids under your heels.

This is the time that I either watch the Young & Restless Soap opera or maybe
I’ll just take the time to enjoy writting an E-How Article or two.

This is probley the only peaceful time out of your whole day.

With changing the diapers , fixing the sippys, making the meals and cleaning the house;  this is truly HAPPY HOUR.

You could read a book or maybe take a nap too. 

So what ever it may be, the time is yours to do something for yourself.



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