How to Fly the American Flag

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The site of the American flag brings joy, pride, and waves of emotions to proud Americans.

Many wish to fly the flag, but don’t know how. This article demonstrate in very simple steps just how to do it.


Difficulty: Easy Things You’ll Need:

  • A flag!
  • A desire to learn
  • Willingness to fly it correctly

Step1 american-flag-2a_Thumb.jpg

Understand when it is appropriate to fly the flag. When flying the flag at home, generally, it should only be flown during daylight, unless the flag is lighted. It shouldn’t be flown in the rain or snow, unless it is a weather-proof flag.

Step2 flaghouse_Thumb.jpg

When hanging the flag on your home, it should be on the right hand side of the door, as you face out of the door. The same is true for indoors, in that the flag should be on the right hand side of a table, but behind the speaker at a podium.

Step3  flaghoist_Thumb.jpg

When flying the American flag with flags from other nations, no flag should be placed to the right of the American flag. When used with flags of US states, cities, etc., the US flag is flown the highest.

Step4  lapelpin_Thumb.jpg

When wearing a flag lapel pin, it is to placed on the left lapel close to the heart.


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