Love Lies

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      Has the meaning of Love changed? It seems as though more and more people are just “throwing” that word around like nothing. It has lost all meaning to some of us.

    It used to be you would tell someone you loved then when you felt a deep connection with them, like they were your one and only. Now a days people are saying it, just so that one person won’t leave, or they feel that it’s what the other person wants to hear. But who wants to hear ” I love you” when it’s all a lie? ” I love you” has become and empty phrase, with empty meanings. It’s hard enough finding someone in this world to feel that way about. Then having someone lie to you about their feelings is just cruel.

  I can’t wait for the day, when someone comes along that really feels that way, and doesn’t just say it because they feel obligated to. The ways things are these days, I guess I have a long wait ahead of me. But here’s to hoping.


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