Becoming a Camera Operator

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Nothing is more exciting than being a part of the film making process, being able to see the stars and the sets of the film, and who better to see it all than a camera operator. Camera operator jobs are plentiful with news crews needing a video camera operator in virtually every city in any state in
the country. Television camera operators are also in high demand in Burbank, California, New York City, and anywhere a live broadcast is transmitted to viewers – that is anywhere at all.

A typical camera operator can expect to earn around 30,000 dollars a year in most markets, with experienced camera crews members making much, much more than that. Camera operator jobs require that you be able to frame a shot through the lens of your camera as directed by the director. You will also need to be a good communicator who acts quickly to make sure that the shot is take perfectly every time.

A videocamera operator is often on the scene as news is breaking, getting important footage that not only informs the public, but may also be used in criminal or civil trials as well. The video camera operator is a vital part to on-the-spot and location news filming and may take the camera operator to the furthest corners of the world as the film reporters and news on location in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. If you love travel, then becoming a video camera operator may be one of the best camera operator jobs for you.

The television camera operator is also an important part of the news, broadcasting live local, national, and international news for the viewing audience. But the camera operator is also in demand for live- and previously-recorded broadcasts such as Saturday Night Live, The Late Show, Latenight with David Letterman, and other programs. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and other news networks also employ an entire cadre of television camera operators who move their cameras in a complex ballet that looks seamless to the eye of the viewers.

A camera operator can find work in almost any field of recorded entertainment from films to television to on-location reporting, there is no other job with the flexibility of the camera operator.
Camera operator jobs also don’t require specific skill sets learned in a classroom or through expensive training, though those who have some experience in camera operation, such as with independent digital filmmaking will no doubt find easy work as a camera operator.


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