How to Make DIY Craft Paints

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Painting is a fun creative outlet for all ages. Paint, especially lots of paint, is expensive and can end up costing more than the project was worth to begin with. This guide will cover how to make three different types of paint from everyday items.


Palette Knife
Muffin Tin
Dry Pigment
Powdered Drink Mix
Cold Cream
Food Coloring
Paint Binder

How to Make Water Based Paints

To make water based paints, the following items are needed: dry pigment of the color of choice, palette knife, water and paint binder. Next make a fair sized pile with the dry pigment. Use the palette knife to make a fair sized hole in the center. The dry pigment should resemble a volcano. Next add a tiny bit of water to the crater of the pigment. Begin to mix the two, adding water only when necessary to continue. Make sure the combination is mixing evenly. The final step is to mix combine the fresh paste with the paint binder. Once this is thoroughly combined, the water based paint is ready to use.


Every kid has a box of watercolor paints growing up. For a fun family activity, try making some watercolors with your child, and then painting together with them. The materials needed for these are powdered drink mix, cups and water. First, purchase the powdered drink mixes that correspond with the colors that are to be made. Choose a wide variety of colors to further detail the paintings. Set out several cups and dump different powdered mix into each cup. Next, slowly add two tablespoons of warm water to each cup and mix well. Finally, spend some time with the children and paint a portrait!

Face Paints

Face paints are fun for Halloween, sporting events and for just playing around. Luckily, they are simple to make as well. The materials needed to make face paints are a muffin tin, cold cream and food color. Simply pour cold cream into each of the muffin compartments. Next, add food coloring to each pocket of cream and mix well. Now the face paints are done and ready to use.


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