The Haunted English Manor House and Ghost Watching Channel

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This is your (G)Host speaking:

“Welcome to my Haunted English Manor House and Ghostwatching Channel. Won’t you stay a while, settle down in a comfy chair by the fire and watch some Ghost stories? As a Connoisseur of History the Victorian era and all things of a decidedly dark and spooky nature, I have a Large collection of Paranormal and Ghostly Videos in my Library that I am slowly converting from disintegrating vhs tapes onto dvd to help preserve them with the aid of a new fangled (slightly temperamental) machine! (…) I set up this account purely to delight and intrigue other Paranormal fans, I do not profit from it in any way.”

You’ll find here the beautiful and romantic Castle Leslie on a lakeside in southern Ireland. Having been the ancestral home of the Leslie family for generations and after many incidents of paranormal nature, the family feels as if they are living amongst their dead relatives… They just keep bumping into the spooky spirits of the castle!

After the gruesome murder of Edward II, there are strange things happening at Berkeley Castle. And many years ago, in a village on the outskirts of London, a school burned down. Here also, there were reports of strange happenings. Maybe the master of the burned out school, a Victorian teacher, has something to do with it?

Civil wars are a time of deep social unrest, with brothers fighting brothers and fathers fighting sons. The Battle of Marston Moor was one of the bloodiest in the English Civil War. King Charles’ army was hacked to pieces, hundreds of dead men were shoveled into never consecrated mass pits. Many modern visitors of the battlefield have reported encounters with 17th century soldiers…

Meet the Ghost of James Goldsworthy, visit the haunted Chavenage House and learn all about the Ingatestone Hauntings and much more here!


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