How to Help Your Mother During Holidays

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When you come home for the holidays, keep your belongings out of your mother’s way or she will move them for you, by tossing them out on the back porch. She spent 72 hours before your arrival to clean her house so help her keep it clean.


Next, don’t make her babysit while the rest of the family goes and has fun, at the very least have one other person stay with her.


If you can’t cook, stay out of the kitchen, and return after dinner to do the dishes. Your mother should not have to clean one dish, because she has slaved away over a huge meal. She needs to sit and relax, cooking all day is physically exhausting to the entire body! So, no she doesn’t want to wash the dishes and watch your children after all her hard work.


Don’t use your mother’s decorative towels that are hanging ever so elegantly on the wall, those are and will always be off limits.


When your mom says that she needs something at the grocery store, someone needs to get their butt of the couch and go get it. No, you can’t wait until the instant replay is finished, or till half time. As my mother would say “Get the lead out and get me a diet coke from Sonic while your at it!”

If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! This is a true statement. As a daughter I have only just begun to realize how much my mother has done and still does for me. Please show your appreciation for your mother or other supportive female in your life.


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