How to Hook a Computer Up to a Stereo

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  • Step1

Make sure that your stereo is able to accept being connected to a computer. To check, look at the back of the stereo. There should be two holes colored red and white. There should be the words “in,” “aux,” or “md” above then colored holes. If so, you are able to connect your computer to your stereo.

  • Step2

Audio Cable Purchase audio cable from local dealer (Radio shack, Best buy, etc.) that will be long enough to extend from the back of the computer to the back of the stereo. The cable has a single prong on one side, a double pronged side with colors red and white. Ranges from $3.00 to $9.00.

  • Step3

Look at the back of your computer. There should be a a receptacle (hole) designated as “out” and is usually marked as green. Place the the single pronged side of the audio cable into that outlet.

  • Step4

Look at the back of your stereo to the receptacle that is marked as either “IN” , “AUX” , or “MD”. The holes will be color coded in together in red and white. Insert the other end of the Y cable in to those two holes. Make sure you match the red prong to the red receptacle and white prong to the white receptacle.

  • Step5

Your set-up is complete! The stereo’s power must be turned on. When you turn your stereo on, select the input that you connected your audio cable to the back of the stereo. For example, if the input was marked “MD” , select the MD mode on your stereo. The same goes for “AUX”.

  • Step6

Enjoy playing sounds from your computer!


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