How to Save Money at the Movies

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The first step is to determine if there are multiple movie theater locations for you to choose from. You should consider the distance, the farther away the theater, the more gas you will use for the round trip. However, if the theaters are about the same distance all you need to compare are the ticket prices for evening/matinee shows and the available features. Not all movie theaters play the same movies so be sure to check!!!


Once you have picked your theater you should go to the early feature of the movie you have chosen. The early feature is most often referred to as the matinee and it is always cheaper. Tickets to a matinee can be an average of 3 dollars cheaper.

Now once you are at the theater, either don’t buy drinks and snacks at all or be stingy. Ordering a cup of water is free at some theaters, it never hurts to ask. If you and your friends want popcorn then share a small, it is much cheaper and you will be consuming less calories. Sharing and small portions is the best way to compromise with desire and cost at the movie theater.


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