How to Pass a Counseling Test

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Counselors usually have to take a state certification examination in order to complete the process of becoming a counselor. We have some proven tips that can help you successfully pass a counseling test so here we go:

·       Be confident. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that you have to be tested. See the testing experience as a necessary process that you have to go through to full fill your dream of becoming a counselor. There is no way of getting around this fact so distress yourself its no big deal and you only have to take and pass the test once.

·       Visualize success. See yourself as a successful counselor sitting at your desk successfully helping your clients while living your dream. Now say this affirmation three or more times; I do have to take the counseling exam in order to achieve my goal of becoming a counselor and this test will not have any power over my becoming a counselor. You have just affirmed a truth that you will be successful.

·       Review materials. This doesn’t mean read all of the books that you studied to get your degree; it simply means take a look at your notes from classes that you took as well as review your course syllabuses and peek at the highlighted information in your texts. Some suggested areas that you may review are counseling theories, basic attending and other counseling skills, guidance strategies, basic attending skills, paraphrasing, empathetic responses and other related topics. Sometimes colleges and universities offer counselor test reviews so by all means take advantage of this opportunity when offered.

·       Trust yourself. You have successfully completed your course work and are in the process of reviewing. You are ready to take on this task.

·       Rest on the night before the exam. It is necessary to take time to get some rest and relaxation on the night before the examination so go to bed early. Continue seeing yourself successfully taking your test but don’t study on the night before the examination. Rest your brain so it can get ready to give you the best answers on your test.

·       Prepare to take test. Eat a light meal, wear comfortable clothing and shoes to the exam, take yourself water and a snack meditate on success on examination and be on time.

·       Take the test. You are ready so let those answers flow and keep believing in yourself.

As we close you will pass your counseling test if you follow our suggestions which are calm down, visualize success, review coursework, trust yourself, rest, prepare to take test and take the test. You are about to become a counselor.


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