Misery loves eczema

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Having eczema is a traumatic thing for most people. You do not really see it in the news or hear a lot about it. Lack of popularity does not make it any easier to live with every day. This condition is one which points out how little the medical professionals actually know about the human body. That is how it feels after the tenth or twentieth doctor tells you that it is eczema on your hands and gives you a steroidal cream that you and he both know is not going to fix it. It still amazes me that there are doctors who can take all the insides of a human body out, play with them and then put them back into the body and that person eventually wake up and be fine, but no one can fix a rash on the skin.

My wife has had eczema most of her life. I find it so frustrating to see some of the things it affects in our life. There are times we can not even hold hands with one another.

My wife also has been diagnosed with multiple allergies. These do have a direct affect on the eczema on her hands.  I often wonder if more people went to allergy specialists instead of skin doctors would they find relief. Food for thought. Ask the people you know who have eczema and see if they ever thought of going to an allergy doctor for it.


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