Uninvited movie review: new January movie

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The movie is called Uninvited by Steven Spielberg. This is from the same producer as The Ring and Disturbia. It looks like it would be entertaining but not really that scary though. I really like authentic scary movie instead of just some kind of monster that is not potentially in real life like in this movie. The movie is a scary, thriller, sci-fi , and ghost like kind of movie. It’s about ghost and a family and an evil stepmother and stepdaughter battle.

The cast is Elizabeth Banks, Emily Browning, and David Strathairn. The movie is when Anna mother died and she has a new stepmother but the stepmother is a monster and a murderer who will be going after her and her father. It’s kind of scary to go through the series. The performances look good and I think you will like it but it’s a Halloween kind of movie and you kids might be scared by it. You can see the trailer at www.movie.com.

Source: www.movie.com


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