SSI: how to apply for SSi for ill family member

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Family members that can’t work should get help so that they have a source of income to live on. This is what SSI is meant for. It’s there for people that are sick and can’t work. They would qualify very easily with a medical record and the doctor’s formal approval of the medical condition.
When you have the medical record you will get approve faster and much more easily than without a medical record. Before you apply for it you would need to take your family member to the doctor and build a medical record case if you haven’t done so already. This will facilitate your approval process.

When you apply, you will need to gather all information necessary to complete the application such as IDs, medical record, doctor’s evaluation and any other proof of illness that you have. Any past record is good. Illness can be conditions like Bipolar, Alzheimer, mental condition, physical disability, major medical illness for a prolong period. Basically, any types of long term illness or disability that prevent the person from working will be within the criteria. You should apply SSI for them so that they do have a source of income to live on.


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