Casey Anthony case update: heart sticker and personal items as new evidence

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There is new evidence for the Casey Anthony’s case and this time it’s about items that were found with the bag that had Caylee’s remains. Text messages were also released a couple of days ago too. The State Attorney’s document revealed that Caylee’s remains were placed in a cloth laundry hamper bag and then it was placed inside a black plastic garbage bag. The document also revealed that items like a backpack, a Winne the Pooh blanket, a 3T shirt, a kid pair of striped white short were inside the bag. One question that comes up from these evidences is that who would have access to all of these kids clothing and backpack and personal belongings of Caylee? Who would have took them from the house or somewhere and put it inside the bag? Why would they even do that in the first place? Wouldn’t a loving mother of a missing baby keep all of these just to remember all the wonderful time with their baby? Wouldn’t they want to remember the baby by looking at their toys? Why would they want to get rid of all of it? People usually save things that belong to a kid that is missing so that they have something to look at and remember and associate their baby to. Is this the anticipated behavior of someone who doesn’t feel great looking at these things?

If you’re a stranger or someone who kidnapped the baby, you would not have access to all of these personal belongings and you wouldn’t care enough to include them or not include them inside the bag. They would actually not have access to these very personal items that could only be found inside the home of the baby. Who would have access to the house of Caylee? Who would take it and then put it inside the bag? There was a search for a shovel on the family home computer and Casey did went over to the neighbor and borrow a shovel.

The document also said that a sticker in a heart shape was found to be stuck onto the duct tape that was wrapped around the skull. Who would have these stickers in the first place and who would intentionally put it on the duct tape of the baby afterward? Is this the ” I’m sorry, it was an accident and I heart you” kind of deal? Why would a stranger put a heart on the duct tape if there was a stranger involved? Why would a stranger ever have any loving feeling toward Caylee? A heart means love.

This case sounds more like an accident that can’t be reversed. It doesn’t necessarily means intentional crime but it could be an accident like, while mommy need to go and party, Caylee should sleep tight and don’t pull the duct tape when you wake up. The reason why the duct tape need to go all the way around the head is because if the kid wakes up she can pull on her small tape and make loud noise and cry and that can attract people if she was lying in a car. Do you think that the explanation make sense? What investigators also found was duct tapes that would round all the way across the skull instead of just covering the mouth. Is there a purpose for this?
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