Casey Anthony case update: new evidence

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You can visit this forum to read on some more compelling arguments for the case

One interesting statement was how Casey would use the name Zanaida when she was pulled over by the police for a traffic ticket. The name Zanny is the name of the fake nanny that Casey use in this case and investigators found out there was no Zanny that lived at the place that Casey said she dropped off the baby and she also got a lawsuit over using this name from Zanny.

The person name Zanny sued Casey in saying that she didn’t have the baby. Zanny is a made up name that Casey use and it was a name that she used when she had a traffic ticket. She said it with a cool accent ” ZenaiTha” when she gave it to a cop according to one person at the discovery forum. The police probably have a record of her using the name Zanaida. If you really think about it the name Zanaida is a made up name that is very rare and therefore to have this as your nanny name is also a big coincidence. People often would make up a fake name if they usually encounter many problems so that they don’t have to spill their real name.

This is one comment from a person that discussed the topic at the discovery forum and I think it makes sense, ” I think the person that came up with the Casey and Annie getting a traffic ticket and Casey saying her name was Zenaida hit it on the spot…I am almost pretty sure…there are some track records of her using the name Zenaida for herself at some point. I think the cops know that and we just do not know it yet…and When she got “caught” she probably honestly said “Zenaida” did it/.” Another linking evidence is Casey’s ex-boyfriend, Ricardo Morales posting a photo on his Myspace profile that reads ” win her over with chloroform.” He then took it off but you should remember the chloroform search at Casey’s home. Is that a link? The word chloroform showed up at three places, one is a search on Casey’s computer, one is the chloroform fume from Casey’s car trunk, and one is on her ex-boyfriend’s Myspace page. Is there a link here? Ricardo said it was just a joke even though investigators found it intriguing. There are so many evidences found that said there were many lies when it comes to Casey’s statement about what she did with the baby. You can visit this website for more complete details



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