Push movie review: New February 2009 movie

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Push is a new movie that will open on February 6, 2009. It’s rated as PG-13. The cast are Chris Evans playing Nick, Dakota Fanning playing Cassie, Camilla Belle playing Ki. The genre is a thriller and an action movie. The movie is directed by Paul McGuigan and produced by Bruce Davey, Glenn Williamson. You can see the trailer at www.movies.com.

The movie is about this world of power, paranormal psychic thriller that can destroy their victim with their minds and no physical touch is needed. It’s a mind powering world of evil and good when a young man and a girl will set out to fight against this world of darkness. People who have pre-screened this movie say that it’s worth watching.  This could be an interesting one if you like paranormal activity. I do and I think it’s kind of fun going through a movie like this. I want to see what new ideas they have come up with. I believe in paranormal so I think any movies about psychic and paranormal activities could be intriguing to watch.

Source: www.movies.com


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