Freelance writing job:

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + is another website that writers can apply to become a writer. The website will have a wide selection of topics that you can choose from just like any other content website but you have to apply for it like it’s a job instead of just signing up and not everyone would get accepted into the writing program. They’re more formal meaning you have to pass a background check and then go through an application review process and then be evaluated. If you’re found to be a fit they will email you your status.

You do have to send in your photo and articles as sample work. They do have many openings but you have to prove that you have some sort of credential or experiences on the topic that you wish to write about. It can be a long process but you may get accepted if you’re good at your topic. They paid via performance payment and you do get more press coverage and exposure as a professional writer or it can be a good source on your writing portfolio. They do look for specific state examiner that will write about topics that are in those local states. You’ll be writing about things that go on in your local town. This could be fun and the website usually come up high in rank on Google.


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