Caylee Anthony doll

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There is a Caylee Sunshine doll on the market now by Jacksonville Promotions Company. They say it’s a tribute to Caylee but unless some of it goes directly to the Anthony’s family, I don’t see how Caylee can benefit from it but it’ll remind people of this sad tragedy.

The doll is made already and it cost $29.99 said Jaime Salcedo, the president of Showbiz Promotions. He said that a portion of that would be donate to charity but he doesn’t know which one yet. How about donating some to Cindy and George? The company will be making their profit from the sales and if some of that goes to the Anthony’s family then it could be called a tribute to help the financial burden from the long case. I don’t know if it’s a great feeling to pick up the doll and think that the doll is a dead girl. It’s a bit spooky to me. I wouldn’t want to hug it all day long.


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