How to Stop Hair Thinning in Women

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Hair thinning is an issue many women face especially on some periods in their lives.  This is because menopause, childbirth, poor diet and certain medical conditions in addition to age affect the hair. 

Please note however that while hair thinning is common in women, you will not be bald like men do.  Just the same, proper hair care is necessary.

Step 1

Know why your hair is thinning.

It is common to shed hair everyday.  You should not worry if you see several strands of hair in the bathroom sink.  However, if you see more than 50 strands of hair, you should be warned.

If however you just gave birth, the full and healthy hair in your head during pregnancy is caused by the increased estrogen.  It is possible that the excess hair in your head will shed few months after birth and this is normal.

If you are taking medication, talk to your doctor.  Changing medication may reverse the hair shedding you are experiencing.

If you do not have the conditions mentioned in this step, then you may be having problems that cause hair thinning.

Step 2

Check your diet. 

If your diet is deficient of certain nutrients like iron and protein, there is a chance that supplementing in these nutrients will help reverse hair thinning.

Step 3

Hair thinning is likewise a manifestation of thyroid problems. 

Thus, you will need to check with your doctor to know if your hair thinning is caused by medical conditions like thyroid disease.

Step 4

Proper hair care will help avoid hair thinning in women. 

Of course, this should be in addition to eating a well-balanced diet.  Your hair needs certain nutrients from your diet and thus eating a well-balanced diet will surely lead to healthy hair head.

Proper hair care includes avoidance of stress in the scalp.  Avoid braiding, cornrows or tight ponytail.  Giving too much stress in your hair and scalp will cause damage to the hair follicles.  If the hair follicles are damaged, your hair may not grow anymore.

Wash your hair regularly.  However, you may need to avoid excessive chemicals in your hair.  Chemicals from hair care products may be harmful to your hair follicles if used excessively.

Step 5

Use natural hair care solutions

Olive oil is a good hair conditioner.  It will not subject your hair to chemicals and you can easily find olive oil in the grocery.  You can leave a warmed olive oil in your hair for 15 minutes before you shampoo.  It will give your hair the nutrients it needs to glow and give strength to the hair to avoid hair thinning.

Mayonnaise is another natural hair conditioner you can use.  Massage the mayonnaise in your hair after you shampoo.  Rinse well and you will see that your hair becomes shiny and beautiful.  Hair thinning may be easily managed with regular use.

Tips and warnings

1.         If you must style your hair, avoid doing this in less than 6 months interval.  You have to give you hair time to heal from the treatment to make sure that it will not cause hair thinning.

2.         If you go swimming, immediately wash your hair.  The chlorine in the water may cause damage to your hair.

3.         Consult your doctor if you are having problems with regards to hair thinning.  Do not self-medicate.  What works for your friend may not work for you.  Let your doctor advice you of the solution to your problem.  This will avoid severing your hair thinning problem.

4          Avoid comb in your hair.  Soft brush is always preferred to avoid too much stress in your hair.


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