Entrepreneurs, discover your personal brand first …

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“It makes no sense to discuss why… It’s like an obstinate disease like you never get well but it has a very deep sense of satisfaction.”

If you agree with this line it means that you are an entrepreneur. Fine…but you are a human being first….rich or poor… million dollar investor or leading a crowded staff, it doesn’t matter. “How am I perceived as a personal brand?”, this is the first thing you should ask to yourself. If you have a regular sense to ask this question to yourself then you have a great chance to be successfull. Let’s see the reasons why…

Entrepreneurs are mostly ambitios people and if we are talking about an overdose ambition that can not be controlled, the result will most probably be a disaster. Besides Mediterraneans like us combine this ambitious nature with hastiness. You can imagine the results of this perfect combination… As a result of these kind of habits, the first attempts as entreprenurs usually stay as a bittersweet memory. At this very point it’s the life itself , in other words it’s “us” that we have missed.

Let’s go on with an overview;

– Aged between 25-40 (apologies for younger and older ones)

– 95% have to continue to their existing carrier

– Most of them do not have an extra money for an extra 6 months of living without salaries

– They have the ideas, they have the desire but most probably there is no sign of a business plan

– They have a very little experience

We can make the list longer but enough for now… I wonder if my entrepreneur fella has ever asked himself the questions below for a trasnformation as a personal brand….

– The most important question, do I have to make this attempt now? Or is it the garage tales of my 20 years age makes me think that I have to do this!

– Am I capable enough to have an attempt in this issue? If not am I experienced enough to manage the ones who have the know-how on the issue? How much leadership is running on my veins?

– Are my dreams my real targets and are they written somewhere? How many people ever “realy”criticized me on these targets?

– How many books have I read, how many people have I met, how many places have I visited all through my life? What is my capacity for an intellectual communication?

– Do I have the ability to communicate? Have I ever heard the book “Never Eat Alone”? If yes have I read it and where am I ranking, how much points did I get?

– If I have professional life of 10-15 years, what kind of a social network have I set?

– How many real friends do I have who will try to help me in circumstances like unemployment or simply being broke?

– Where do I stand in social media in the world of Internet? How did I express myself?

– How is my ability to talk, to write? What can I say about my body language?

– Can I explain myself with one or two lines as an elevator speech?

– Do I only trust my creative ideas or am I good and fast at application level as well?

– How many times did I financially collapsed in my private life…like credit cards? What is my financial plan now?

– As the last one, what people think when they hear my name?

This is a very long list. And it is a fact that most of the answers will be far away from being positive. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that you can be an entrepreneur if only you have the perfect conditions. But you can not fix a broken car on the road, you have to check the car beforehand.

1- Bring forth your strengths which can contribute to your attempt…. Talking to the crowd, creative solutions, good writing…. You will discover new strengths of yours which you have never realized and you will improve.

2- Never close yourself…. Get on the stage and talk about yourself and your attempt. Social media is more than enough for this step.

3- Never ignore your personal life and your family. Do not spend all your time for your project, you have to keep up for a healthy and happy mind. An obsessive approach will be a comlete disaster.

4- Be open, talk about yourself in a modest way. It is important to give the right information.

5- Consult, ask for good advice, ask and search.

6- Don’t think that you are the center of gravity. On the contrary you will be the one turning around so many things. When you face yourself you will see that most of your attempts are unnecessary. Give up following the people, events that detain you.

7- Forget about burning the bridges. Shape up yourself in a way that makes other people burn the bridges.

8- Follow the commercial opportunities instead of intriguing environments.

9- Be prepared for the worst scenario but never speak of it. Keep your crisis management as plan B.

10- Never forget that the only thing matters is your life at the end of the day. Nothing is more precious than your own life. You yourself is your most important project. Make your first marketing plan for yourself.

Read continuosly. Work on great entrepreneurs, CEOs, leaders… see their way of thinking, decision making. Avoid the “I said it and it will happen, I talk with my money, I have it and I will do it” mentality. There are so many articles on the Internet about this issue. Read them, take notes and write yourself even your faults.

Remember “you are the brand…!”


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