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Let’s say that you have a lot of registrations on many social webs. You have a blog or a web page, too. You communicate with so many people on the internet. So it is quite possible to say that your personal brand is very popular on social media. Very cool but I have somethings on my mind… I wonder a few things… Let me give an example:

You are aged between 25-40, you have one or two kids, you are working so hard, you are a manager but you still have your superiors up there, you have a very times to spend with your family at night. If we assume that you are an entrepreneur, after working so hard on new business connections, network connections, financial sources you come home consumed by business at the end of the day.

Bad examples, don’t you think? So how do you think you will manage to surf on Friendfeed, Twitter, Xing, Linkedin etc., write on your blog, communicate with your network throughout the day and sometimes meet those virtual faces personally while working so hard? Besides you will read, search and take some trainings about your job. Let everyone comment on this intensive dilemma in his own way. We advice you “do this, do that, struggle for your own personal brand”. No guys, please don’t blame me business gurus, social media specialists etc., I am not telling this way. I am questioning… Here’s what I say and a few suggestions:

– You will position your personal brand on the internet, you will advertise yourself but that does not mean that you = internet, it should not be. If this is the case, it means that you are missing so many things in real life.

– You envy to be a marketing speacilist, digital media expert, a software screwball and show off with so many web 2.0, 3.0 etc….. No way. If you don’t choose your job according to your capabilities deciphered in your genes you won’t be able to achieve anything in your life. And being an expert, being a brand on an issue is not possible only by writing a few words on your blog or attending a few conferences.

– You’ve hanged on internet, mobile world, new enterprise areas, structures like Silicon Valley etc. Haven’t you? You will see that these things are not easy in life conditions unless you know and plan your financial sources well. If you take people who have inherited from family as examples I have to say, I’m sorry for you. But I also admit that what we faced in life is the result of our choice of working for secure monthly salaries instead of being courage enough to take risks for an enterprise.

– What did you do to enhance your social web for the last six months? How many of the people you have met virtually on the net became real faces for you? How many of them did you see? Did you evaluate the win-win business opportunities? You have searched many internet pages, what is the added value for you? Or was it more fun to chat or gossip? Is that what social network mean for you?

– Did you share your know-how, your experiences with your family and people around you? Did you contribute anything to life?

– Did you realize that even though everybody is talking about sharing, working or doing something together, supporting each other only selfishness has the leading role? Did you see that commercial benefits eat ethic rules?

– Did you understand that we always talk about “yourself” while talking about personal branding, did you get the human touch on the subject? Did you have an action plan for 2009 while discovering the business world but searching for “yourself” first?

– Although you have read so many books, you have met so many precious people, did you realize your excuses,what you have missed in your life by giving in only because you are lazy?

– You have started to run by envying internet geeks and world of celebrities, haven’t you? What if you are climbing the wrong ladder? Did anybody remind you that?

– Technology, science, internet, mobile communication etc.are only tools for you… or did they become your aim?

Whatever you write on your notebook, try to erase, “reset” sometimes. Look what you have in your heart and mind cup… Reorganize them. Let your life be lighter, more simple, more striking, more controlled and more focused.

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