Low Thyroid and Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism

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After being tested for low Thyroid for thirty years with a negative test, I felt lost. Tests were run for low blood sugar, allergies, migraines, nervousness, gain in weight and the list goes on. I was probed and felt like a hypochondriac. There were costly medical bills. Thyroid is like a Rubik’s cube and it spins in different directions. Also when each person picks up that Rubik’s cube they take different spins which makes the puzzle different. Although it is the same Rubik’s cube it changes in each person’s hand. That is how Thyroid works in each person’s body and differently for each person. That is the best visual way for me to describe it.

Some of the symptoms for this disease will be listed below. These are not all the symptoms and a person may only have a few. The symptoms will vary for each person. Family members don’t usually have the same symptoms, but all may suffer from this diseased in their own different ways. Here are some common symptoms:

Unexplained weakness

Dry coarse skin


Pale skin

Pale lips

Thick tongue

Scattered thoughts

Impaired memory

Skin disorders


Gain in weight

Loss of weight

Loss of appetite

Muscle weakness

Difficulty breathing


Hard to swallow

Burning sensations

Tingling sensations

Fine or brittle hair

Loss of appetite


Since birth my normal body temperature has always been 96 degrees. A normal body temperature runs 98.6 degrees. Most thyroid people normal body temperature runs low.

After seeing several doctors, hospitals, tests, medical bills, and still no answers. Acupuncture and acupressure, chiropractic and progressive medicine, all of it helped. I was frustrated that there was some rare and incurable disease that was plaguing me. It may not be curable but I found an answer finally when I went to get a bio-feed test. The results returned positive. At this time I met a girl that had strongly suffered some of my symptoms I had been suffering. She confided in me she had Thyroid disease. Some of my family members had low Thyroid. A blood test was still mandatory.

I read several articles and books regarding thyroid. I brought material and books to doctor’s, trying to get them to test me with a special TH-4 Thyroid test. I read that some people don’t show up on a regular Thyroid test. Your body constantly tries to heal itself. This one shows if your body was fighting it. I couldn’t find a doctor that would run that test for me without a low Thyroid test result first. Even though I had offered to pay cash, the answer was no. Some people that suffer from this can become lethargic. I also had insomnia. So that fact always seemed to explain the constant colds and allergies.

I was put on headache medicine for migraines, allergy, cold, antibiotics, stool softeners, and creams for my sensitive skins, amongst others. This was ongoing I finally found out that a food supplement and a raw thyroid vitamin, was available, at a health food store. I tried both. It starts slow. My body didn’t feel the difference. My weight steadied, migraines disappeared, thoughts focused, better concentration, skin cleared. My skin is still dry hands elbows and allergies still exist, slightly. I have to say that I feel a hundred percent better. Years later I had one very low blood test. Finally! Though the doctor put me on thyroid medicine, I was retested and was only a little below normal. I do not take allergy, migraine or all the other medications I was placed on before. When I take my thyroid I sleep normal, most everything is more normal. My skin is still dry with the weather and my weight still changes, but I got my life back!

There are plenty of really good books and websites out there. There are millions of people that have and are suffering from this disorder. There are several people everyday being misdiagnosed. This may be you or someone you know or love. It only gets worse if not diagnosed and treated.


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