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Dalton Quigley of Quigleys Landscaping and Design in Nashville me once and told me of a woman, who, as he said when it comes to “going green” “lives it from beginning to end.” The woman is Mary Higgins, and she is the owner of Lavender Blue Garden Design. A resident of Brentwood, Tennessee, Mary has been designing gardens since 1987. According to her bio, her philosophy is “to create landscape plans which integrate plants, materials and structures into a comprehensive and ‘green’ design.” One of the ways that Mary achieves this type of design is through the development of “kitchen gardens.”

Kitchen gardens gained their name, quite naturally, from the fact that the plants in them were to be used in the kitchen. Also, they were most frequently located near the kitchen. The concept was derived from the French method of combining ornamentals, vegetables, herbs, and fruits into not only a functional garden but also one that was pleasing to the eye. Also known as a “potager” garden, the garden could be as casual as a cottage garden or more formal. According to Mary, “‘Designs for Edible Gardens are so much fun to create. The need for healthy, ‘green’ gardening is becoming more and more relevant for our time….A good design will make this style of garden both fun and easy, as well as providing food for the family.'”

As one who gravitates to cottage gardening, I can attest to the allure of this type of gardening. It is not unusual to see in my garden various herbs, such as parsley and cinnamon basil, growing with my lilies and Shasta daisies. I also find it quite fun to wander through my garden gathering a bouquet of flowers for the dinner table and some tomatoes planted next to them for the dinner. I can walk by my gladiolas and munch on strawberries in a raised bed next to them. It is nice to know landscape designers are among us who appreciate these simple pleasures and know how to interpret the concept into an aesthetic yet functional design.

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