Valentines gift ideas for your children

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One Idea for a inexpensive gift on valentines day is a IOU book. Put in things like IOU a kiss and a hug. Also you can add IOU a chore free day if it is a older child. Also you can add in more expensive IOU’s like a trip to McDonald’s. Make it redeemable to one a day or once a week. Just make it fun for the child.Another Idea for the Children could be a IOU for gifts from a dollar store. Give the IOU on the 1st of February and they can redeem the IOU’s for the dollar store gift (sort of like Hanukkah) and then on day 14 you can give them a more expensive gift.

There are also great gifts for Children with who love Valentines treats and sweets.  You can make valentines cards out of cookies by baking the cookies and using a sandwich bag filled with icing and food coloring to write to and from and your valentines day message. Also you can make a sucker cup by bunching up  suckers and sticking them in a red plastic cup or a white cup with hand drawn hearts on it. For children who cannot have a lot of sweets or are diabetic, sugar free candy in a dollar store decoration (for example candy in a heart purse or a car). You can also make it healthy by making veggie trays and mini fruit pizzas for the kids gifts.

Make the day special and let your child know how much you love them. The thing a child is going to want the most on Valentines day is your love and attention!!


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