Cincinnati Bengals

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My brother has been a die hard Cincinnati Bengals fan for years. No matter how bad they are he still roots for them. What is the deal with Chad Johnson? He thinks it is all about him. I wish they would get rid of him. Yea he maybe good but not that good. It’s supposed to be about the team not just him. Carson Palmer had the nerve to go and talk about the Ohio State Buckeyes well I hate to tell you Palmer your in OHIO! Where do you think your fans are from? Definitly not USC. He hasn’t been worth anything after he got hurt by the Steelers. I think he is just scared but what do they care they are paid millions to sit on the bench. Chris Henry just can’t keep out of trouble you name it he has got in trouble for it. How many players have been in trouble for drinking and driving? Well I am sure they can afford a cab but hey their famous they don’t care what happens. Most just get slapped on the wrist and sent on their way. Let one of us do it and we are in alot of trouble. Marvin Lewis needs to just get a whole new team and start over. It couldn’t be no worse then what he has now.


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