My Convictions

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Where may  one find peace in these dark times?
Everywhere you turn is rumor of war and unrest.
Greed condoned for so long, bearing it’s standard.
War comes marching and is welcomed.
Gentle souls hang there head in sorrow,
silenced by cries and condemned by their peers.
Is there no resolution of our differences,
apart from murder, apart from sorrow?
Are we all convicts of our convictions,
restrained by belief, or fear of death,
or fear of life. What kind of place are we bringing
our children into? What will their lives be like,
their legacy, their dreams? The earth we live on
now, is a tired matron, tired indeed. And it seems to
be getting worse everyday. It’s past time for doing
something about it. But alas, what to do, what to do
in this late day. I will pass on a legacy of love
to my juniors. Hope is not lost yet, love is a
part of our world. Love and concern for our
only home: Mother Earth. For though prematurely
aged and deathly ill, they say she can be saved
and protected. That is the problem though,
because talk is cheap. We are eaten up by greed
beyond caring for her. Politics, business, industry,
to hell we dash. And fight another stupid war,
a killing frenzy. Producing waste that is poison,
to kill ourselves, not to mention every other living
creature here. Self destructive madness to
“better our lives.” I weep for the earth our
children will inherit, and pray we stop talking
and start acting.  These days peace seems
so far away, but some will always strive to
know truth, they know love will make us new.
The truth cannot be lost though, but it may
be covered up. Years have twisted up it’s
word, blurring it’s intent. But basic truths
are there. Listen to it’s voice inside you,
let it calm you so it may teach. Let it’s love
be you. Remember the divine that shines
in each of us, and help each other move
toward the light and away from dark.
Let our convictions become, then we all
shall find peace.

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