Sprint Nextel try to avoid them

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We have used Nextel for about 7 years. When we heard they were merging with Sprint we figured it would better their service. Did we ever get fooled. We have 4 phone lines and an aircard with them. All phones have direct connect since my husband needs that for work. I have been having a problem with my phone dropping calls at least 10 times a day. No that’s not a figure of speech. They tell you to call and get a dropped call credit well by time you keeping pressing 1 or 2 that call is lost. I can’t win. This has been going on for awhile now. I just thought it was my phone since it was an older Nextel phone. Well I bought a new phone and that didn’t help it actually got worse. If you call Sprint they transfer you a hundred times and put you on hold forever.

Their first solution was to send me an Airave well they said we will wave the fee of $100 for it and never charge you for the service. HA thats funny I got my bill and of course I was charged for it and I can.t use it since I don’t have high speed internet. Of course I was never asked that or told that. So needless to say I still have a problem dropping calls. They said well the closest tower to you is 5 miles away. What do I need it in my back yard to get service. The funny thing is I can go anywhere and it still happens. My husband never drops calls so I was lost about the tower thing. Looking more at my bill I learned my husband was getting charged for every call he made.

We are on a shared family plan so I was mad. They told me since I am on the Sprint network and he is on the Nextel we could’nt share a plan. They are one company so they told me to go buy myself a new nextel phone. I am not buying a new phone I just bought one they had me furious. I was never told that when I bought my new phone. I was transferred so many time for an hour I was on the phone trying to get it fixed. They finally fixed my bill and said if you want all 4 phines on one plan we can do that. Now wait a minute they just said we couldn’t be on the same plan. They really don’t have a clue what thet are doing. Make sure you watch your bill they love to add more on to it. And of course I am still fighting to get my dropped calls fixed.


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