From Flying Car to Driving Airplane

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car_transition.jpgThe Transition

Created by Terrafugia, this vehicle will revolutionize the sky, and the roads as well. Also, the desire for a car like the one portrayed in “Back to the Future” will now be replaced by the desire to own one of these. The fold out wings are so compact that, when folded, they do not take up more space than the width of a normal car.

The technology behind this is quite marvelous and the designers ended with the creation of a lightweight, 2 passenger airplane that just so happened to be able to withstand potholes and cruise up to 80mph on roadways. The one problem facing it would be to find a 1,700 ft long runway for takeoff. This can easily be acquired, however, if the vehicle enters daily life. Co-founder of Terrafugia, Carl Dietrich, predicts the hundreds of sales per year for these futuristic gadgets, which is surely a good sign for the future of Terrafugia.

Upon such predictions, one cannot but wonder the effect the poor economy will have on such marvelous advances. Studies have shown that society is becoming much more froogal, and deciding to save money instead of buying random gadgets to “stay up to date.” This would end up as quite an expensive “toy” if just purchased for that reason. Then again, one cannot deny that is the sole reason for wich one would even consider buying such an object. This pricey little gift is priced at $194,000, and that’s without the strenuous costs of gas to fuel this machine.

The future of this machine is questionalbe, but its creating is a significant step in the right direction. The poor timing may be the cause to a lack of success, but then again, I’m not a psychic and there’s a 50-50 chance that I am mistaken in my predictions.

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