Why write on Bukisa?

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Let’s face it, during rough economical times everybody could use a little extra money, but the question is how to get some of that tantalizingly green and marvelous money.  One of the best, and easyways to make some extra cash is to set up a passive income by writing articles for online sites.  There are a lot of good sites out there but in my oppinion the best one is Bukisa. Bukisa is by far the highest paying writing site, paying members not by how much money they make off of your articles, but by how many views your page gets.  Every thousand Views that you recieve you get payed the Bukisa Index (an amount usually around 4 usd that is based on their revenue.)

Bukisa also has an amazing network/referral system.  For every friend that you invite you get paid a quarter of what they make.  It doesn’t hurt their salary at all but it makes you wads of extra free cash.  You also get a quarter of a quarter what the friends they invite make, making Bukisa the best online writing source without a doubt.   If you want to join Bukisa then simply click here.

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