Preparing your child for a spelling bee

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Many school districts hold an annual spelling bee.  If your child is already a good speller, you may want to get them going on some of these sites to practice ahead of time.

1. -Interactives “Spelling Bee”

This site allows your child to start at a low level and continue up to a college level at their own pace.

2.  My Spell It

This site provides a list of “must know” words as well as a menu of choices of words derived from various other languages.

3  Here is a spelling bee prep game from Quia:

4.   If your child wins your school and/or district bee, this site might be helpful.  It provides rules and tips about the Scripps spelling bee.

5.  You can use this one for 3 days free, but otherwise requires a subscription.

6.  Here is a course you can sign up for to help you become a better speller.


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