Baby Steps for Going Green

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     First you may want to know why the “going green” is a good thing.  Well, it seems that every day, every action we do has an enormous impact on our planet—whether the action is good or bad.  The thing is that a green lifestyle isn’t about just saving our wild spaces such as the rainforests, but it can also change the dynamics of each person individually.  It can save even the small creatures of the forest but it can improve the quality of our life and health and save us some money too.  Most folks realize that they need to do something to have a green lifestyle, few know where to start.  Maybe if we all begin with baby steps it will come easier.

     Electricity is a big issue in the going green topic.  We can’t possibly discuss all the aspects of the air pollution factors huge power plants disperse, but we can each do some simple, energy-saving techniques.  Saving electricity will also save you money, putting some of that “green” back in your pocket.

     Turn off lights when they are not in use, as well as other electric devices and from a personal, money-saving experience, unplug that microwave when you’re not using it.  A lot of these items still pull electric current from just being plugged in.  Replace those regular old light bulbs with CFL’s, (Compact Fluorescent Light).  Use a power strip that can be turned off at night because a lot of AC adapters pull current when on, even if you’re not using them.  Line dry your clothes, it makes them smell spring fresh and clothes driers use massive amounts of power.

     Different heating and cooling practices will help in your going green efforts.  Using fans, such as ceiling, in-room or whole-house fans is a green option that is much more energy conscious than air-conditioning.  You can also use sun-blocking shades on windows during the hot hours of the day.  Electric or gas heat can be turned down just a little to be energy efficient and still stay warm while cutting down on the bill you pay. 

     Also, think about if your home uses an electric water heater, purchase an insulating blanket for wrapping the water tank.  You should also purchase energy-efficient appliances.  That’s the ones with the big, yellow stickers that say EnergyGuide and that sticker explains how much energy the unit will use per year.

     Computers, tvs, and stereo equipment are power vampires as well.

     Now that you’re on your way to lessening the hardship you place on our planet, and you’ve saved some money by cutting down your electric bill; let’s talk food.  Purchasing healthy food, as well as in-season foods will cut your food bill and eating all those wonderful veggies can also cut your waistline.

     It would be beneficial to everyone to cut down on car usage unless you’ve saved enough money to buy one of the new, green cars.  So, if quitting your job and working from home is out, then consider public transportation or car-pooling. 

     Stay at home and enjoy your cable television or even rent movies, you can usually rent three movies at your local Movie Gallery for the price of one theater ticket, plus you won’t be driving that gas-guzzling monster downtown polluting the street even more.

     In conclusion there are lists of every part of your life where you could change and go green,  from your clothes, pets, or even personal skin care.  But for those of us that are dragging our feet into the green or just don’t know how big of an impact a small difference can make, we can just start with baby steps. 


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