How to Quit Smoking Easily

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Quitting smoking can be one of the most difficult challenges you will ever face, but the health benefits are more than worth it. Smoking can lead to diseases such as lung cancer, emphysema, and even erectile dysfunction.

Here are some of the ways to fight the cravings and successfully quit:

Eat Lollipops


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Smoking is what psychiatrists call an “oral fixation,” meaning that it involves a powerful, instinctive need to do mouth-based activities. Substituting one activity for another can go a long way to helping curb your cravings. Lollipops are a particularly good candy because you can hold them like a cigarette and it takes a relatively long time to completely consume them. Keep several handy eat them only when you are having a bad craving. If you try to pretend that you are getting your fix while you eat the candy, it helps.

Avoid Shopping in Stores You Know Sell Cigarettes

This one should be fairly obvious: if you know a certain place sells cigarettes, don’t go in that store! If you are getting gas and you know that the gas station sells tobacco, don’t go in. Not even to get a snack. Don’t tempt yourself. If you find yourself in the situation where you have to go to a certain store that you know sells cigarettes, try to get a family member or friend to go to the store for you.

Avoid Friends and Family that Smoke


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This one will be difficult, but the fact is that being around smokers is going to make you want to smoke. When smokers are close, smoking together can become sort of a ritual. Being left out of this ritual can put a strain on the relationship. In addition, during moments of weakness, who is going to be able to give you the cigarettes you crave? That’s right, friends and family that smoke. Try to stay away from them until you’ve quit completely, or at least try to make sure they don’t smoke around you.spaceball_1.gif

Avoid Venues You Know Will Have Smoking

Certain of your favorite bars, clubs, restaurants, parks, concerts, and other venues still allow people to smoke. I’m guessing this is part of the reason they’re your favorites! Unfortunately, going to these places is just going to be an unnecessary test of your willpower. Anywhere will you will have to smell smoke and watch people light up is going to tempt you, and you should stay away until you feel you’ve quit completely.

Eat Healthy


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A recent study has shown that eating healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, make tobacco taste worse. What foods make it taste better? Red meat, coffee, and you guessed it, alcohol. It turns out the “I only smoke when I’m drinking” effect may be not just social, but also physiological. In any case, it has been known for a while that eating more fruits and veggies has many health benefits. Helping you quit smoking is just one more.

Put Money in a Jar

Every time that you would be buying cigarettes, put the money that they would have cost into a jar in your house. At the end of the month (or whenever you feel like it) take the money out and buy something special for yourself. Or donate the money to a good charity. Now, doesn’t that feel better than wasting it on cigarettes?

Anti-Smoking Products

There are many products on the market to help people quit smoking. There is gum,lozenges, the patch, and many different kinds of prescription medication. These products have worked for many people, and they can work for you. However, be warned: some of the products do contain nicotine, so not all of the smoking-related illnesses can be avoided if you continue to use them. In addition, some of the medications contain rather frightening side effects, like the following medication:


Sounds a little scary, eh? I thought so. But its up to you to decide what kinds of aids you may and may not need in your quest to quit.

Have Faith in Yourself

You can quit smoking! Even when it seems impossible, know that you have it within your power to resist the urge to smoke. Make a personal commitment to yourself and your happier, longer life and you will eventually succeed.

Note: I originally published this article under another byline here.


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