San Marino-the smallest republic in the world

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The smallest republic in the world and the third smallest country in Europe, San Marino is the oldest state in Europe. Either you are passing through it or you have planed a holiday here you will be satisfied with the uniqueness of this place in the Apennine Mountains. This landlocked enclave surrounded by Italy is a must see in Europe.

The monument of Giuseppe Garibaldi which is the first monument in the world dedicated to the ”Hero of the Two Worlds” is one of the sight-seeings which attracted many tourists to take pictures in front of it.

Walking down the streets you can enjoy the red-roofed stone houses, or reach the fortress guards at Piazza della Liberta, or visit the Gothic Palazzo Publico. The most interesting place for many visitors is the Church of San Francesco where paintings by famous artists like Rahael,Guercino and Bellini are preserved.

Another important must see are the Three Towers of San Marino located on the three peaks of Monte Titano (the highest peak in San Marino) which are Guaita (constructed in the 11 c.), Gesta (13 th c.) and Montale (14th c.). They are very, very beautiful. The castles are situated along the Monte Titano Cliffs and offer panoramic views to the country-side and the Adriatic Sea.

If you are in San Marino, please, do not miss the small square with the Basillica of Saint Marino which preserves remains of the town`s stonecutter and the Church of Saint Peter, as well as the museums which offer rich collections about the history and events in this wonderful European piece of land.


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