Beginners Runescape Fishing Guide Learn Which the Equipment and Baits Are Needed by an RS Fisherman

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Many mmorpgs offer fishing as one of the skills a player can take up. The rewards of the trade skill are greater and far more satisfying than taking up fishing as a hobby in real life. As an added bonus, a Runescape character does not have to endure the smell of fish.

Runescape characters can cast a net, or they can use a fishing pole to catch fish in the lakes, rivers and oceans of the game world. In most areas of the game, the necessary fishing equipment is a fishing pole and bait. Nets do not require bet. other items, such as the members only Karambwan pot, require a specific kind of bait.

Fishing in Runescape is a straight forward trade skill.. A character using the fishing skill simply has to find a place to cast his net or his line into the water.

Global Runescape contains many charts that will help out a Runescape character increase his skill . A chart that shows the type of fish, where they can be caught, and how much experience each fish type gives can be found on the Global RS website.

Poles, Nets, and Bait in Runescape

What follows is a list of the fishing equipment available and the type of bait needed to use each item.. Fish will be the most common items obtained by using the fishing trade skill, but other possible items a character can receiver are leather boots, a leather glove, seaweed, casket and oysters.

  • Small fishing net, no bait
  • Sea bait fishing, fishing rod and fishing bait
  • Big fishing net, no bait. (Only Runescape members can use this item.)
  • Fly fishing, fly fishing rod, feathers
  • Fishing, same items as sea bait fishing
  • Harpoon fishing, a harpoon, no bait
  • Lobster fishing, a Lobster Pot, no bait
  • Karambwan vessel fishing, Karambwan vessel, Raw Karambwanji (Only Runescape members can use this item.)

The Profitability of Fishing in Runescape

Fishing in Runescape does require a small and continuous investment on the part of a player character, because most angling equipment requires some type of bait. The primary use of fishing in Runescape is to produce foods for the cooking trade skill. Fish caught with nets or lines can be sold to vendors or players or eaten to gain hitpoints during the course of a Runescape session.

The fishing trade skill is best used to complement other skills in the game or to reduce down time. It can be a pleasant diversion from the hack and slash experience grinding prevalent in most mmorpgs. It is not the most profitable Runescape trade skill, but fishingis a useful trade skill for a character.


Global Runescape Fishing Guide

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