Runescape Smithing Guide How To Make Items in the Popular Free RS MMORPG

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Smithing is the art of crafting weapons and armor in Runescape and many other mmorpgs. Like all other skills in the game, a character raises smithing by increasing his level in the art. Each time a character uses the smithing skill, he gets an amount of experience which depends on how difficult the items are to make.

Taking up the mining trade skill complements a Runescape character’s smithing efforts. The smithing trade skill itself is divided into two parts, smelting and forging. Smelting is the process of turning ores into metal bars, and forging lets a characer create weapons and armor.

Runescape Smelting

Gettinge ores from rocks is only one part of successful smithing in Runescape. Before the ores can be used by a blacksmith in Runescape, they must be melted down into metal bars.

Smelting the ores give a character blacksmithing experience, and what follows is a table of the ores, and the blacksmithing level needed to make them, according to the Global Runecape smithing guide.

  • Bronze Bar – cooper or, tin ore, can be smelted at level 1
  • Iron Bar — iron ore, can be smelted at level 15
  • Silver Bar — silver ore, can be smelted at level 20
  • Steel Bar — iron ore, 2 coals, can be smelted at level 30
  • Gold Bar — gold ore, can be smelted at level 40
  • Mitrhil Bar — mithril ore 4 coals, can be smelted at level 50
  • Adamantite Bar – admantite ore, 6 coals, can be smelted at level 70
  • Runite Bar – runite ore, 8 coals, can be smelted at level 85

Forging Items with Smithing

Runescape smithing recipes are uncomplicated, but the recipes require a character to have the right type of bars and the right amount of bars in his inventory. The limit of 600 words prevents the inclusion of all the items a Runescape smith can make, but a bronze helm and a steel helm require the same amount of bars, although a brone helm and a steel helm use different metal bars. (A higher level item will produce a weapon that does more damage or armor pieces with a better defense rating.)

Making Money with Smithing in Runescape

Making items that other players can use can be highly profitable. Forged weapons and armor do sell back to vendors at a profit also, as the game requires few additional ingredients to take money out of the economy as is the practice in most commercial mmorpgs. The Runescape smithing trade skill can be rewarding for players to take up, but it takes a long time to raise, especially if the player takes up mining to gather the materials he needs.


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