Chingle Hall, Most Haunted House of England?

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A number of wooden beams going across the ceiling of the Chapel bear strange symbols. No one knows where they stand for… until some scientists take samples of the wood and find that it is much older than the Hall and has a lot of salt in it. The wood comes probably from a Viking longboat. Somewhere in the 1950s a beam spontaneously catches fire… and then extinguishes itself. After this incident a wooden cross is found, embedded in the wall…

Eleanor’s Room is the most haunted of the Hall. This room once belonged to Eleanor Singleton, who was kept captive here for over 12 years and was murdered at the age of 17. The room is decorated now with toys and dolls. Visitors claim to be overwhelmed by a deep feeling of sadness when entering the room of poor Eleanor Singleton. You can smell lavender, see orbs, feel phantom tugs at your clothing. Maybe you’ll faint then.

A Poltergeist in the kitchen is usually rearranging the pots and pans and chances are great you will see a monk wandering through Chingle Hall, for instance upstairs, in the priest’s room. A man with shoulder-length hair has been seen here walking outside the window… which is about twelve feet above the ground.

You’ll find more true ghost stories and the reports of the psychic investigators, together with some film footage and audio recordings here!


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