I’m Here for You

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Don’t let no one fool you! Jesus is the true and living God.

Let’s try to allow God to work it out. This is what Jesus is all about. I have never had a problem that the Lord couldn’t fix. By the way that I live this is evident. When you think about the Lord he never brags or boast. Wonder why he love us all because he is the Lord of host. Can you ever imagine spending a moment without him. Praise his name at every moment and you will win. The spiritual realm might seem like a fantasy to some. But I tell you the truth so please don’t run. There are real demons and satan is very mad. If you praise Jesus you don’t have to worry but laugh. I don’t mean to scare anyone away. Just remember to be close to God and follow him everyday. If you make a mistake make sure you go to the father in Jesus name. He is so precious,sweet so don’t feel ashame. We have all sinned and felt short of his glory. This is the truth not another fictional story. But what I really want you to do is submit your life to Christ. Remember all sins are covered and we were brought by a price. Jesus laid down his life for the whole nation. What is so good it’s not about qualification. Each one of us can now be saved. Only because the heart of our Lord the one who is truly brave.


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