It’s a fact: vegetables top strange accidents latest statistics

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As strange as it may seem, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents’ latest statistics show that more than 14,000 people ended up in hospital with compromising vegetable-related injuries.

For example, about 400 people needed professional care after triying – unsucesfully, though – to obtain more pleasure during sex using vegetables as “aid”.

Another 41 adventurous types replaced the usual human partener with a… goat.

All the people cases used as examples bellow were very fortunately. Other people had less luck, having died in circumstances less than ordinary.

Several british citizens reportedly drowned in cat bowls and been killed by a sofa bed while looking for the remote control.

One 23-year-old from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, died after slipping and becoming impaled on a lamp in the garden.

The official statistics show, also, that damaging other people seems to be, nowadays, an adventure. A mother, for example, accidentally glued her daughter’s eyes shut by squeezing in nail glue instead of eye drops.

Dr. Andrew Dove, of Nottingham University Hospital, reveald for that these accidents have a seasonal aspect. „We’ve had a number of people injured by the Christmas turkey. One patient suffered a fractured skull after a frozen turkey fell on their head”, says Dove

The figures mentioned bellow were compiled for Disaster Movie’s DVD launch.


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