The Greatest Love

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Jesus how many times you spoke to my heart. You are the God of light and won’t dwell in the dark. So many times I have called upon your name. With you it’s all power, all love and I know you feel the same. How many years have you heard murmuring and complaining. Yet you continue to bless us while we keep on blaming. Now that I’m using my pen to get across. I will tell everyone in the world that you are the boss. Never in my life did I love someone like I love you. It was written from the beginning because you already knew. That every soul would soon come to know how good you are. Jesus the sweetest name of all the bright and morning star. When we think about all the pain that you took on. And all that you ask is that we all get along. For those that wonder why you had to be crucified. It was done so that we wouldn’t have to die. Compassion and beauty will be spread throughout the land. Than all the doubters will finally understand. We couldn’t even breath if you didn’t love. Your glory shines from way up above. You never left us in the spiritual world. Everyone must become like a boy and a girl. To enter in the place you prepared for us. Is to let go of the world believe and trust. For the one who is lost and don’t know what to do. Just realize he is your father, brother and mother too.


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