Interesting Facts about Jimmy Carter

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Interesting Facts about Jimmy Carter

There are lots of interesting facts about Jimmy Carter. The below list is a sample of some of the most interesting facts about Jimmy Carter.

  • Carter pardoned draft resisters of the Vietnam War.
  • Carter studied nuclear physics at Union College and contributed to the development of the nuclear submarine.
  • He also shot his sister Gloria “in the rear end” with a BB gun after she threw a wrench at him.
  • He collects old bottles and American Indian arrowheads.
  • He is a speed reader.
  • He is a tennis player. His family had a dirt court on the farm he grew up on.
  • Another interesting facts about Jimmy Carter; he panned for gold in North Georgia.
  • He rode motorcycles before becoming a politician.
  • He stole a penny from the collection plate at church when he was five years old and was punished by his father.
  • He was 5 feet, 9 inches tall.
  • His favorite Hymn is Amazing Grace.
  • His first car was a1948 Studebaker “Commander.”
  • Jimmy Carter does not like to wear hats, but if he did, he would wear a size seven.
  • Not particularly an interesting fact, but Jimmy Carter has blue eyes.
  • Jimmy Carter has published many books. On is The Little Baby Snoogle Fleejer, which was illustrated by his daughter, Amy.
  • Jimmy Carter was born on October 1, 1924 in Plains, Georgia.
  • Jimmy Carters favorite foods are sirloin steak, medium rare, any kind of fish or poultry,  corn bread, any vegetables except beans and frozen yogurt.
  • Likes an eclectic mix of classical, bluegrass, country, and folk music. Some of his favorite artists are Bob Dylan, Allman Brothers, Paul Simon, and the Marshall Tucker Band.
  • On of his favorite books is Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”.
  • Played basketball at Plains High School.
  • Usually has orange juice, coffee, fruit, and cereal for breakfast.

There are lots of interesting facts about Jimmy Carter. This is a just a brief list.


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