Fear Of Fiction

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 What isfiction-Beyond reality is fiction. It is an imagination in all aspects like words, deeds, movements, shape & size etc. in every subject. But one can not imagine without taking reality. That means base of fiction is reality. Real means has existence. For example, we may take an imagination about a subject that:-One flying small round disk can reach to man nakedly & smoothly to other planet of another solar system within a second. Here real thing are, planet (where it may be), disk, man, solar system (which is may be) & time. In above fiction we only put imagination on potentiality of disk base on motion & technology. Therefore every matter of fiction iscolouring vapor of reality.

Play of reality-Every thing on the seen world is changeable truth; means changing one form to other form, but all things in the universe has existence & consciousness as suitable to them. That’s why these are reacting with environment physically & chemically. These real things are provoking to a system for imagination is called as fiction. Therefore reality is mother of fiction. On the other word fiction is also inspiring for new invention in every field. Amazing & marvelous imagination are being appreciated and including in literary or entertainment. All fiction is matter, means thought. These are called temperament.

Mind play –Various fiction streams of temperament are floating in mind. But mind is unseen and feel only temperament, which connecting & running in various brain cell, and taking sensation from active brain cell which is called thought, on the other word called instinct,habit,conduct & characteristic, and such thought is embodied as physical reorganization in the society. It is realized that thought are changes every movement as per environment situation & impulses both outside and inside. Environmental impulses are also temperament. Generally our outer (ear, nose, eye, tonge, skin) & inner (sensor nerve) organs are media for carrying & supplying the all environmental impulses to brain for stimulate the concern brain cells.Peneal gland is the base of brain which controlling the active of brain cells. Therefore getting same impulses from outside one is reactive, other are dormant. This is the key of intelligence. So peneal gland is controller and co-coordinating junction of temperament & biform of all cell.Peneal gland is mystery of microcosm, this is the seat of Man God / prophet/Incarnation or Guru. All prophets of all communities of the world stand for reform man for repulsion or foolish to become attraction.

                                                    It is realized that there is temperament function inside the man beyond organs function. Every work, deeds & movements are being functioned by thought. Mind has oscillation characters moving from left brain to right and receptive & releasing the thought frequently as per environmental impulses or reciting the previous fact. Therefore one is not concentrate mind long time in one thing.

                                Now question is, if impulses are coming from outside or inside in particular subject, then how it is coloured beside the fact & makes fiction/imagination, or act differently like malice, engry, sorrow, defiance, proud, sex appetite, conspiracy, ego etc.Though mind is only media to carrying or project the temperament ,and makes us feeling as per temperament.

 Complex play-It is observed that all outside & inside impulses are being coloured by another temperament is called complexes. Complexes role is to colouring impulses & supplying to mind. After the support of mind, one only feels so. When one intentionally gives chance to complexes, means concentrate mind in one subject for colouring to same, is called fiction or literature or a taste of satisfaction. But when mind supports to colouring-impulses coloured by complexes spontaneously, and feeling arrogant, malice, sex appetite, dispute, divorce, conflict, conspiracy, retaliate, sentimental ugly or beauty, egoism, defiance, sentimental intelligence or ignorance, inferior or superior, poor or rich, comparision, violence etc. in daily life is called unhappy. How peculiar or amazing is it?

Consciousness play– Complexes & mind acts are felt by us by consciousness. This is another temperament. Recognizing the act of complexes is the vital part of consciousness. Physically we feel our consciousness directly, but mentally how much consciousness arisen is measurement scale of humanity. How much consciousness arising in mind, so much one can recognize the colouring act of complexes and cautious accordingly in daily professional life to cover come from fear of fiction which creating unhappy. The way to overcoming from the impact of colouring thought is called religion. Religion is a way of exaltation. Therefore management of temperament stage inside beyond organs system for lead a happy life is called divine life. The director or founder or guider of proper way of exaltation is all prophets of all communities, and “Holy Book” of all communities is way of elixir.

Happiness– Consciousness arisen in mind, means when mind observes completely in conceiving anything thoroughly. It is possible when one adherence to living Ideal, who teaches us, preaches us, guides us morally, physically & practically is called prophet or incarnation or Guru. Mind character is to holding some thing in every movement, and Ideal being’ plays to disturb the bonds of mind and fiction continuously, lastly mind wave turns over to right brain, and  taking the taste rather than fiction, and where a eternal, perpetual & invariable temperament  is blowing permanently ,this is called happiness. This is calm stage of God, means “existence of nothing”, means “Black Hole”.

Existence-Above all temperaments are hold by a radiant unit is called existence & configured by a system called micromechanism system starting from peneal gland to end near the abdomen area of human body is called soul. Above realization is cited through my realization by blessing of my Guru.

Therefore religion is not different; way of realization may be different for achieve the same goal. Every prophet through out world comes to fulfils man according to time, place & age.

                             “Management for balancing the every psycho-physical in day to day activity base on self, familiar, professional & social for sustaining life & growth with every effulgence of personality both individually & collectively with knowing the eternal knowledge is purpose of human life”.


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