Go On the Master Cleanser Diet AKA Lemonade Diet

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The Master Cleanser Diet is also known as the Lemonade Diet and it was made by Naturopath Stanley Burroughs. The diet will consist of the individual fasting in order to get rid of the bodies toxins that are created by improper diet, negative mental attitudes and the pollutions in the air. This diet is a detoxifying diet that will clean the kidneys and digestive system. It will eliminate the waste and purify the glands.

This diet plan should be observed for at least a ten day period. You should repeat this diet plan about three times in one year in order to assure good health. You will need to have two ounce of fresh lemons, lime juice that is canned and two ounces of maple syrup. This shouldn’t be sugar syrup that is flavored.

You will also need 1/3 of cayenne pepper, also known as red pepper. You need to mix up all of these ingredients in two cups of water. You should consume about one hundred and sixty ounces each day.

Lemon juice is known for having a haemostatic effect on the body of a human. It also controls internal bleeding. The levels of the Vitamin C will also be increased. The list of benefits from this diet plan is long. You will be rejuvenating your blood, keeping your body youthful as you are detoxifying it and it is also known for helping diabetics to get cured.


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