Go About Appealing A Dishonorable Discharge

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When an individual decides to take part in a dishonorable discharge from any branch of military, this can really mess up the individual’s reputation and put a big scar. If you are in trouble because you did a dishonorable discharge then you could appeal it. However, appealing this dishonorable discharge can be a difficult process and it will require a lot of time.

First, you will need to do your research and decide upon the individual you need to speak with on how to appeal this dishonorable discharge that is on your record. Keep in mind that each one of the branches in the military has a different appellate court system that is in charge of hanging their cases. If you have been discharge by a court martial, then your dishonorable discharge will go straight to the appellate court before going through the final ruling.

As soon as you receive the dishonorable discharge, you should start those appeals. If you wait fifteen years to file, then you will have to fill out paperwork from the Board of Correction for Military in order to attempt to change the ruling. When you file for the dishonorable discharge, you will need to wait a couple of months, maybe longer, in order to receive a date for the appeal.

Find a way to prove that you were wrongly given the status of your dishonorable discharge by reviewing your discharge case. Unless you have new evidence that proves there was some type of eternal error or even foul play, then the courts may not change the judgement.

If you succeeded and you have changed your discharge, then you should be sure to up grade the re-enlistment eligibility code.

Once you have changed your status, review it and see if you are eligible for the verteran’s benefits. The Veteran’s Affairs Office will be there to assist you.

When you are appealing your case, you should make sure you find a military lawyer.

You should give the employers the edited version of your DD214, which is your military discharge certificate.


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